Carlsberg Special Brew

9.0%, 4 500ml Cans 4.99 From Your Local Stockist

The Can Says: "Brewed since 1950, Carlsberg Special Brew is the original strong lager"

Rortise says: Carlsberg special brew is a well known brand of tramp juice, rivalling that of Tennents for mass market awareness. So it was with great pleasure that I took delivery of 4 golden cans of this fine beverage. The golden can design is quite professional, although maybe a tad dark and understated. The can doesn't make a great deal of effort in stating its alcohol, but with a world renowned reputation it probably doesn't need to.

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When poured it did so with a surprising amount of head-like most super strengths. I was pleased to see that 500ml cans were provided for this review and are also standard in shops up and down the country. Well done to Carlsberg for this. After the burgandy ring pull was pulled a satisfying hiss accompanied my happy anticipation. This was to be some brew, and some brew it was. Admittedly a little sweet, this brew was eminently drinkable, almost the perfect super strength and at 9% Carlsberg have hidden the strength well. This brew did not break the 10% barrier like the Rochefort but it still has one hell of a knock out punch. Can be drunk warm but is best drunk chilled, I cannot recommend this brew enough to you. The hangover is extremely harsh and I will personally buy anybody a pint who can drink more than 6 cans of this brew.

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In Conclusion: This is probably one of the best brews that I have ever tasted in my life. The alcohol is perfectly disguised and the beer is drinkable hot or cold, rain or shine. 9% is a fair old whack and for the price I doubt this will be bettered although at the time of writing Tennants super has not been fully reviewed. 4 cans is enough to see you drunk and the only downside seeming to be that you don't see many tramps drinking this beverage. Because of this I feel that I have to mark this down but Carlsberg Special Brew still attains 9/10.

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